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How do I change the amount I am donating?

If your users wishes to changes the amount they are giving they can do this as follows:

User editing of Registration details

  1. Login to the website
  2. Select the 'My Registrations' page which is located under My Account > Finance.
  3. All your current registrations on the site should now be displayed. Click on the registration you wish to edit.
  4. A pop-up window should now be displaying displaying options to 'edit' or 'cancel' your registration, or you can change the payment method. Note:The 'edit my registration' option will only be displayed if the 'Allow changes to registration after completion' option is selected within the payment group settings by the website administrator. Select the 'edit' option to change any details on your registration, including the amount, and continue through the edit registration process.

Administrator Editing of Registrations

change-amount-of-donationA payment group administrator can edit a registration by opening the registration within the payment group and then by selecting the 'Edit this registration' task. A pop up window will appear with the details of the original donation, you can change the amount in the field and then select the 'Give Now' button at the bottom to complete the process.