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Use Quick Find to find what you're looking for

The Quick Find tool can be used to locate users, documents and groups quickly. This can save considerable time locating the information you need, particularly on a large site.

Follow these simple steps to use the Quickfind tool to locate a user quickly:
  1. Click on the Quickfind control, located in the top bar of the Web Office, to display the search options available.
  2. As you enter your search phrase within the relevant search box e.g.person, the possible matches will be displayed in red.
  3. Select the relevant search term and press the Find button to open the user’s details.
  4. The user record should open in a new window.
    Remember you can also use it to search for documents, a particular group or a payment group registration using the e-ticket code.
  5. group-searchThere is also a new search option, enabling you to search just in that group, this is available on documents, media, members, and rotas, meaning you can now search for a particular image or document when under the relevant tab.