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The attendance tracker application enables you to record who attends your events and then analyse and export this information.

Record who attended an event

  1. Login and enter the Web Office.
  2. Select the group that you wish to record the attendance for, the work pane should refresh to display the group and the tabbed options.
  3. Click the Attedance tab.
  4. Events for the current month that are located in the current group will be listed. You can add any event already on your site using the add event button. Alternatively you can change the dates to display events from a different time period.
  5. Once the event is displayed that you wish to record the attendance of click on the record now link under the attendance column; the window will refresh to list the attendance recorder.
  6. All the members of the group will be listed, record whether they were 'present' or 'absent'  by seelcting the appropriate option. To add a user to the list simply add them to the group.
  7. You can also record comments next to each user e.g.reason for absence, and view their comment history. Alternatively, use the select notes task to add notes, that you've previously created, to record extra information.
  8. Press Save  to commit your changes.

Exporting/analysing attendance information

Once you've recorded your attendance information you'll see a chart displaying the attendance for the current group. You can use the tasks below to download this chart for printing, or export the information in different formats e.g. a detailed register.

For reporting on your attendance information across your site visit the group reports within the Reports area of the Web Office.