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Setup Your Hubb Payment Processing Account - See our Guide

The Finance area is a new way to manage your Giving and Event income. You can:
  • See a dashboard that shows you key income-related stats at a glance
  • Easily import your standing order / bank transfer income by uploading your bank statement
  • Use a new quick keyed-entry screen for adding other offline income e.g. giving envelopes, including searching by "gift aid number"
  • Run a search for any payments that are eligible for Gift Aid and you can submit your claim for them direct to HMRC
  • See when online card payments will be deposited at your bank account
  • Collect together any offline payments in the system and mark them as an offline bank deposit for end-to-end payment tracking

You can access the Finance area from the left-hand navigation by clicking on the £/$ icon. The Finance area has the group tree, with only the Payment Groups and Payment Pages showing.


For details of how to set up a payment page for online giving please see the article here.
Finance Tab Overview