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What’s new in January 2017

The 11th January release contains the following special upgrade:

The development team are working hard on the new Check-in feature coming on the horizon for Sunday schools, children's work and conferences. More details to follow in due course, but they've released an upgrade for Payment Groups to support the new feature which may be of use to some of you.


Family Records in Payment Groups
Currently, when a person books an event and adds members of their family as Guests to the booking, they are added to the Payment Group as separate user entities but the records aren't related together apart from in the booking – unlike when you create a family of records in the Member's tab of your site's root/home group.

The forthcoming Check-in feature requires family records to be supported in Payment Groups – allowing parents in the Hubb system to take responsibility for checking-in and collecting their children from children's groups during a conference.

Consequently, there's a new option in the Registration Settings of Payment Groups – this allows people booking to add other guests to their family group – thus children, parents or guardians can be added to the same family for supporting the Child Check-in feature.

  1. Set text for the tick-box in Payment Group -> Settings -> Registrations. NB. This appears only when bookings are set to be allowed on behalf of others.
  2. During registration for the PG, tick the box (labelled whatever you just set above) on the add-guests page and add some guests.
  3. Having completed PG registration, all new guests should have been added to the same family as the booker.

Child-specific Group Notes
You're then able to add User Notes to the Payment Group which in the Registrations tab of the PG Settings can be set to only relate to people under 18, calculated via Date of Birth (DOB).

The diplay of such Notes for completion by the booker is then conditional on an under 18 DOB being set for that individual in the booking record.

However, it's important to not select this option just for the sake of tidiness of records as currently there are a number of limitations in getting such special data out.

Primarily, such notes are used for edited/viewing in the Web Office, not exporting at this time.

If you want additional fields that can be completed during the booking process, then edited (if required) and exported with other delegate data, create a Delegate Note in the Payment Group.

  1. On Payment Group -> Delegates page, use Change Notes Available task to add some User notes that have "(Children)" at the start of the description.
  2. On Payment Group -> Settings -> Registrations, for delegates set D.O.B. and the (Children) fields you just created to Optional.
  3. During registration, on the Member Details page, the (Children) fields will be hidden by default, until you enter a D.O.B. for a child that makes them <18 years old.

Bug fixes

Rota Email sending when participants removed

We discovered that when a user was on a rota and their user profile was deleted for some reason, the email reminders stopped sending for the whole rota – not very helpful! So, we've fixed that.