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Event Check-in GROUPS

By default, the Automatically include event group in check-in option is ticked in Check-in Global Settings, so unless you have overridden that on a Group or Event, then the members for a Check-in will always be taken from the group that the Event belongs to. For example, you have one Children's Group, that contains all your children and leaders, and also the "Sunday Children's Church" event.

However, it may be that:
  • the Event is in a group that is not the group that contains all the members (e.g. you are using the main Sunday Service event that is in some other group)
  • you have multiple age-groups for which you want to use different Check-in Profiles (e.g. you want a nappy bag label for Creché children, but not for older children)
  • you want Check-in to update registers for specific sub-groups (e.g. your children's groups meet in different rooms so you want separate registers)

In the example below, the "Kid's Church" event is in the Children's Ministry group and but different Check-in Profiles are required for each aged sub-group so that different label and leaders contact settings can be used.

Childrens Groups

In this scenario, the Automatically include event group in check-in is disabled in the Event Check-in Settings, and the aged sub-groups are added to this Event Check-in Groups tab.

Note: the Check-in Profiles in the screenshot below have been set in the Groups Settings for each individual aged sub-group. This is the recommended method as it means that whenever you include that group in a Check-in, the correct Check-in Profile will automatically be used.

Check-in groups