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Site Content

When your trial site is first created, it already contains a few example groups, articles and images. Before your site is ready to launch, this needs to be replaced with information that is specific to your organisation.

It is important to remember that a web site is never finished. Don't think of your web site as a publication or a project that is done once and then forgotten about. Instead think of this time as building the scaffolding for a new building. Between now and your site launch date you are putting in place the structures and processes that will allow people to contribute to the site, and provide a structure that will reflect and enhance the life of your community. Only when the site is launched and the wider membership starts using and contributing does the building really start to take shape.

The content items that are suggested in this Site Implementation guide are just the basics that you need to get started (e.g. information about who you are and when you regularly meet). This guide is designed to help you think about what content should be published.

The process of inputting your own content is a useful time to learn how the Hubb system fits together and how to use the web office. For this reason we recommend you involve (where possible) those people whom you think will become the key people in contributing to and maintaining the web site.

Content Areas

About Us information. Your site should include some basic information so that first-time visitors can find out key information about your organisation

Articles and Blogs. Current news or features give people a reason to come back to the site on a regular basis. Blogs are a way for talented writers in your organisation to express their unique opinion on a subject on a regular basis in an informal way.

Events. Adding calendar information about your schedule of activities and meetings is a great way to add value to the web site instantly - delivering up to date information to visitors and members alike.

Audio and Video If you have the capability to record messages digitally, then including them on your web site will be a powerful draw for your members, who will start to see the web site as a source of teaching.

Group Information Your long term strategy as overall site administrators needs to be delegation. By creating a group for each team / project / activity within your organisation and then giving its leaders the authority and tools to maintain their area will result in many more people becoming involved. It won't be for everyone, but many leaders and others will welcome the chance!

Other areas that may feature on your web site are often used primarily by administrators (for example rotas, attendance tracking, group notes, resource management) and you can explore and add these features as your needs develop.